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4-Tier Wire Shelving with Handle

Wire handcart series are ideal for mobile storage requirements. The wire handcart construction is adjustable with plating surface, anti-static, anti-corrosion properties. Each cart is durable and versatile .Cart can also be customized to best meet your requirements. These utility carts are the best mobile solution for goods around your office, store or workshop, restaurants. Product features: flexible, every inch with a ditch circle, can be adjusted as per inch according to actual needs, optional combination to extend the same width (optional) or backward and forward link (the same length) with all kinds of accessories, can be assembled all sorts of function of products, such as add V hooks, can be assembled clothes hangers; add direction handles and wheels, can easy to self-assemble diners cart, bookshelf, etc

Product Description

Model NO.:FJG-GY-026
Commodity Name:4-Tier Wire Shelving with Handle
产品尺寸 Specification:W455*L1500*H1600mm
Dia of wire:6.0*4.5*3.0mm
Dia of post:25.4*1.2mm
Material: Carbon Steel
Surface finish: Chrome plated
Load capacity: 150kg/tier
Product Structure: Knock-down
Details: Shelves: 4 pcs
Post: 4 pcs
Plastic sleeves: 12 pairs
Handle: 1 pcs
4” PVC wheels: 4 pcs
Package: K=A Carton