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About Trolley




Roll pallets stored product display visible, during transporation, one hand protect the material. On the other hand, On the other hand does not make good products in a muddle which have been sorted. Handling is very effort.Wheels are usually designed for two directional wheels, two Omni-directional wheels to facilitate the push. 
Logistics vehicles can carry 500kg.

Logistics vehicles have the following characteristics: 
Can be used with the loading dock, easy loading and unloading goods; 
Can produce temporary more standard; 
Folding collection, save space; 
Spare parts for different categories stored on the production line, a project to understand; 
Easily facilitate the assembly line, improve work efficiency; 
Transportation of materials by line, quickly and correctly; 
Quick and easy disassembly, saving storage space 1 / 4 or more.